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Since July 2017: Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies (ITB)National Research Council (CNR), Segrate (MI), Italy
Epidemiology Unit
Responsibilities: information structures, knowledge management, metadata, linked data and ontology-engineering.

  • Combining a posteriori and a priori approaches to explore the inverse occurrence between Alzheimer Disease and Cancer. 

June - December 2018: Project Manager (EU area) at Holonix srl Spin off of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Research and Innovation Department

Project Manager (PM)
responsible for two EU funded projects. Working in the R&D&I field, mostly Internet of Things (IoT), Open Innovation, Cloud-based interoperable systems, and knowledge bases. Experience in providing strategic, modular & integrated solutions; information structures, knowledge management, metadata, linked data and UI engineering.


2014-2017: Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation (ITIA), National Research Council (CNR), Milan, Italy

The main responsibilities include knowledge management and semantic modelling within the research group 'Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications' (EVA).

  • Personalised Guidance Services for Optimising lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement’ (PEGASO), under the EU 7th Framework Programme, Grant No: 610727; PEGASO Clinical trial identifier: NCT02930148; (ontology modelling)
  • ‘Product and Process Co-Evolution Management via Modular Pallet configuration’ (PRO2EVO), within the Italian flagship project ‘Factory of the Future

2013:  Visiting Researcher at the Research Center on Spatial Cognition (SFB/TR 8), University of Bremen, Germany
Responsibilities1) development of a metadata model for the Ontohub repository (with Till Mossakowski anOliver Kutz)2) networking with partners of the SpacePortal consortium; 3) populating a dedicated repository with spatial ontologies provided by the network partners, the internet sources and the literature; preparing the ontologies for inclusion in a dedicated node; 4) mapping ontologies to the subject categories defined as metadata. 

2008 –2012: The European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Department of experimental oncology at IFOM – IEO Campus, Milan, Italy
Ph.D research included 1) laboratory activities in molecular oncology; 2) theoretical analysis of breast cancer classificatory systems; 3)  examination of knowledge management approaches that can enable the integration of biomedical research and healthcare information within digital repositories (biomedical ontologies);

Participation in the research groups:
  • Giovanni Boniolo – Biomedical humanities, FOLSATEC program (full time Ph.D. research)
  • Pier Paolo Di Fiore /Salvatore Pece – Molecular characterization of Breast Cancer and association with the stem cell profiles (part time, 4 years research project)
  • Luisa Lanfrancone - Cellular and molecular pathways regulating melanoma genesis and progression (part time, 4 months lab rotation)
  • Rosella Visintin - Mechanisms that control the protein phosphatase Cdc14, an essential cell cycle regulator (part time, 4 months lab rotation) 

Research visit / PhD abroad-stage (1.3-31.8.2011) at The ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (Egenis), University of Exeter, UK

2003 –2008: Curator, Public relations manager at the National Museum of Serbia
Responsible for management, coordination and realisation of PR activities and special events, in particular:
    • Media communication;
    • Press conferences; press releases;
    • PR & Marketing campaigns; 
    • Website development, content editing and administrating; 
    • Events - VIP & Diplomatic-Core events, scientific conferences, exhibitions & public manifestations; 
    • Public talk & Public Affairs.
2003:   Teaching logic & philosophy at the high schools in Belgrade 
    • The Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium 
    • The Music School “Stankovic” 
    • The School of Design