July 2017 - November 2020: Innovation, R&D at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies (ITB), National Research Council (CNR), Segrate (MI), Italy

Epidemiology Unit

Responsibilities: knowledge management, innovation and development, digital health assessment, scientific communication, design of information structures, metadata, linked data and ontology-engineering, networking.


  • Epicovid19: estimating number of suspected COVID-19 cases and uncovering relevant factors associated with the infection.

  • Telemedicine and integrated healthcare systems. 'Implementazione del Presidio Nuova Regina Margherita di Roma: Sperimentazione del modello di Casa della Salute'; Recepimento della determinazione della Regione Lazio-Direzione Salute Politiche Sociali - n. G035IO del 21.03.2018.

  • Combining a posteriori and a priori approaches to explore the inverse occurrence between Alzheimer Disease and Cancer.

  • ‘Personalised Guidance Services for Optimising lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement’ (PEGASO), under the EU 7th Framework Programme, Grant No: 610727; PEGASO Clinical trial identifier: NCT02930148.

June - November 2018: European Project Manager at Holonix srl - Spin Off of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research and Innovation Department

Responsibilities: Management of European Projects (PM); Innovation based on Internet of Things (IoT), R&D&I of strategic, modular & integrated solutions. Open Innovation; Cloud-based interoperable systems and knowledge bases.


  • FiberEUse (Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value- chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites), Grant Agreement No. H2020-730323-1 .

  • MOBISTYLE (MOtivating end-users Behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular Information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle), Grant Agreement H2020 723032 .

2014-2017: Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation (ITIA), National Research Council (CNR), Milan, Italy

Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications (EVA)

Responsibilities: knowledge management and semantic modelling, innovation and development


  • ‘Personalised Guidance Services for Optimising lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement’ (PEGASO), under the EU 7th Framework Programme, Grant No: 610727; PEGASO Clinical trial identifier: NCT02930148; (ontology modelling) .

  • ‘Product and Process Co-Evolution Management via Modular Pallet configuration’ (PRO2EVO), within the Italian flagship project ‘Factory of the Future’ .

  • ‘Design for All’ (D4All) - Semantic Web integration and advanced Human-Machine Interfaces in design for Ambient Assisted Living.

2013: Postdoctoral internship at the Research Center on Spatial Cognition (SFB/TR 8), University of Bremen, Germany

Responsibilities: 1) development of a metadata model for the Ontohub repository (with Till Mossakowski and Oliver Kutz); 2) networking with partners of the SpacePortal consortium; 3) populating a dedicated repository with spatial ontologies provided by the network partners, the internet sources and the literature; preparing the ontologies for inclusion in a dedicated ontohub.org node; 4) mapping ontologies to the subject categories defined as metadata.


2008 –2012: The European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Department of experimental oncology at IFOM – IEO Campus, Milan, Italy

Ph.D research included 1) laboratory activities in molecular oncology; 2) theoretical analysis of breast cancer classificatory systems; 3) examination of knowledge management approaches that can enable the integration of biomedical research and healthcare information within digital repositories (biomedical ontologies).

Participation in the research groups:

  • Giovanni Boniolo – Biomedical humanities, FOLSATEC program (full time Ph.D. research)

  • Pier Paolo Di Fiore /Salvatore Pece – Molecular characterization of Breast Cancer and association with the stem cell profiles (part time, 4 years research project)

  • Luisa Lanfrancone - Cellular and molecular pathways regulating melanoma genesis and progression (part time, 4 months lab rotation)

  • Rosella Visintin - Mechanisms that control the protein phosphatase Cdc14, an essential cell cycle regulator (part time, 4 months lab rotation)

2011: The ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (Egenis), University of Exeter, UK

  • PhD abroad-stage in big data and biomedical ontologies, 6 month, under supervision of Sabina Leonelli

2003 –2008: Curator, Public relations manager at the National Museum of Serbia

Responsible for management, coordination and realisation of PR activities and special events, in particular:

    • Media communication;

    • Press conferences; press releases;

    • PR & Marketing campaigns;

    • Website development, content editing and administrating;

    • Events - VIP & Diplomatic-Core events, scientific conferences, exhibitions & public manifestations;

    • Public talk & Public Affairs.

2003: Teaching logic & philosophy at the high schools in Belgrade

    • The Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium.

    • The Music School “Stankovic” .

    • The School of Design.